Mary Immaculate Choir (MIC) began over twenty five years ago when a few families set out to teach their young children to sing Catholic hymns. Our modest hope was that we could learn hymns in four parts at least to sing on our own, maybe on family car trips.

Back then, we never imagined that we would eventually become heirs and custodians of the Church’s rich musical inheritance – prayerful, meditative Gregorian chant and exquisite, soul stirring sacred polyphony.

We never imagined that later we would be called upon to sing this music every Sunday, in its proper context, at the very Roman Mass it was written for.

(We certainly never imagined that one day we would bring this music home to Rome, as missionaries! Read more about the Lepanto pilgrimage.)

Much has changed about the Mary Immaculate Choir since it began. Our mission, however, has not changed. We set out to preserve and promote the rich patrimony of Catholic sacred music for our children. Now, we do it for our children’s children and for your children and their children. For what? Not for performance art but for the reason it was composed: To give honor and glory to God and to lift up the hearts of the faithful.

Please pray for us!

The Mary Immaculate Choir

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Live samples of the Mary Immaculate Choir:

Magnificat 8.G, arr. Ciro Grassi
Laudate Dominum, chant
Missa Brevis: Kyrie, G. P. da Palestrina

The MIC was featured in our local newspaper, the Morning Call.

And also in the National Catholic Register.

“Hence, We hope that this most noble art, which has been so greatly esteemed throughout the Church’s history and which today has been brought to real heights of holiness and beauty, will be developed and continually perfected and that on its own account it will happily work to bring the children of the Church to give due praise, expressed in worthy melodies and sweet harmonies, to the Triune God with stronger faith, more flourishing hope and more ardent charity.”
– Ven. Pope Pius XII, Musicae Sacrae