short story of pilgrimage to Rome October 2021

Dear Benefactor and Friend in Christ,

please accept this simple expression of deep thanks for the generous support you gave to us pilgrims in October 2021.

In case you hadn’t yet heard, the pilgrimage to Rome was filled with far too many blessings even to count — tho’ every day we do continue to count more and more of them, and their abundant fruits.

Where to begin to convey our experience, in all its unexpected marvelousness?

Pilgrim-Susie’s story is a good start.

Be assured that we prayed for you every day, by name on multiple occasions, also bringing to mind the intentions you had asked us to carry to the holy places, lighting many candles before the holy images, where we prayed silently and also in chant, together, for you and your Loved Ones.

In January 2022 pilgrims in the Allentown area thanked benefactors by serving supper and presented the many videos and photos to friends near and joining us from afar, enjoying “A Night in Rome at Home”.

On behalf of the humble NCCL apostolate, I thank God for permitting the Coalition’s Directors & principals to sponsor the pilgrimage.

With repeated thanks to all.

Pax Christi in Regno Christi!

P.S.  Words really are not enough to convey our thanks or the story of what your generous charity has helped to accomplish to honor the Blessed Virgin and her divine Son in Rome.  See and hear for yourself, on this page.

Gregory P. Lloyd, M.A. Phil.
Executive Director

National Coalition of Clergy & Laity
621 Jordan Circle, Whitehall PA 18052 USA

“Pray, hope, and don’t worry.” St. Padre Pio