See & hear for yourself what benefactors helped accomplish …

… to restore sacred Roman Renaissance polyphony to Rome, on pilgrimage

The date was October 7, 2021 A.D. – the 450th jubilee anniversary of Our Lady of the Rosary’s Victory at the Battle of Lepanto, 7 October 1571.

Dear Friend,

words really are not enough to convey the story of what your generosity has helped to accomplish to honor the Blessed Virgin and her divine Son in Rome, during the pilgrimage of October 2021.

See and hear for yourself, in the collage of videos and photos on this page.

(Compiled thanks especially to pilgrims Augustin Cavalier & Ian Bowler.)

That page contains all the compositions, with links to videos on hand, that the Mary Immaculate Choir (MIC) sang while on pilgrimage in Rome.

The choir sang in every church we visited, scores of them — yes, including in St. Peter’s Basilica.  And who of us will ever forget holy Mass in St. Mary Major Basilica on the day of the great jubilee, Thursday, October 7.

Praying everywhere for you and your intentions.

It sure is a lot.  But then, you helped a lot.  Thank you.  God reward you.


In unione orationum,

Gregory P. Lloyd, M.A. Phil.
Executive Director

National Coalition of Clergy & Laityproud sponsor of the pilgrimage to Rome
621 Jordan Circle, Whitehall PA 18052 USA

“Pray, hope, and don’t worry.” St. Padre Pio